Golden Bath Dubai


The golden bath includes four different stages and each stage has its own importance

The first stage includes a steam bath which helps to lighten the pores of the body as well as lubricate the muscles, then the golden scrub is applied to the entire body that helps to exfoliate the skin effectively and remove dead skin cells ̧ Then apply golden soap to exfoliate the body, the second stage, the whole body is rinsed and then apply lemon musk on the whole body to replenish the energy of the body with a little steam and massage for 20 minutes,  Then after that the third stage, which begins with the apply of the golden mask to tighten the skin, which contains vitamin E to reduce wrinkles of the skin, then put the scrub on the feet and remove dead skin cells, and then the golden clay mixed with rose water is applied to whiten all dark areas that contain minerals useful for the skin such as magnesium, potassium and calcium and cleanse them by removing toxins and moisturizing them by rubbing the whole body with them,  Then sit in the steam for 15 minutes to take advantage of the benefits of clay, the fourth and last stage the body is gently massaged with fragrant and refreshing soap

Then go to the massage room to massage the body with natural oils extracted from herbs and containing vitamins:

Argan Oil – Natural Ginseng Root Oil – Black Bean Oil – Castor Oil – Ostrich Oil


Reduce skin wrinkles and fine lines expressing aging, and this is achieved through the role of the components of the golden bath in activating skin cells and giving it elasticity as the golden mask is rich with vitamins and contains collagen, and steam opens all the pores of the entire body and helps to soften the muscles,

and about the golden mask, It is applied to the face and contains vitamin E and gives the necessary glasses and radiance, then the golden scrub helps to exfoliate the skin effectively and remove dead skin cells.

Golden clay contains minerals useful for the skin such as magnesium, potassium, and calcium and cleanses it by removing toxins and moisturizing it and is used as a mask for the body and is mixed with rose water or natural orange water.

When finished, the whole body is rubbed with soft, fragrant, and refreshing soap with light rubbing to help blood circulation and the last stage is to anoint the body with oils extracted from natural herbs that contain vitamins with a body massage with them for relaxation and comfort


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